Youth Mentoring Is Required

Due to the pandemic, Families have been affected by COVID-19 alongside the youth, which has caused them to stay inside for their safety for the past year but at the same time it has caused some rises in mental problems that has affected them in their social lives. Usually, they don’t have the support to help them with their issues. Usually a person that is around the same age can relate the situation and they could build a relationship fom there. Youth don’t always have a sense of identity for themselves during this time and they don’t understand who they are and we need other people for that. The reason that is so critical is because how we connect with people builds up our social skills, our social skill is the way we interact with other peers.

Throughout the pandemic young students and other individuals' mental health has been affected and also there has been a high rate of depression and anxiety. There have been therapists to help with that over the pandemic but to help decrease the rates of mental health is by having mentors, social workers, and youth connections that can help support young kids. This is crucial time for us to get in touch with the youth so we can really understand what they want to do and we can focus them on how do they go about doing that. Due to the pandemic suicide rates have affected young adults at a higher rate. Having youths being in the house all day can eventually cause depression and anxiety. So to stop this problem is by recruiting mentors and volunteers.

Having youth supporting other youth can build their social skills and build connections/friendships. They also had to endure the virtual learning and it was a step up to see their peers, but it’s a good gesture for personal interactions. They also had mentors to assist with their work during school or just if they wanted to talk about random things. Virtual learning is hard for students, it's hard for them to understand the work from a computer screen and it’s stressful. Mentors are always amazing, they are always expressing to always talk to them if they need someone to talk to and that shows that the mentors are more than educators that are people you could confide in and trust.

During the pandemic families struggled financially which put children and adults in depression. Everyday more people were losing houses, losing jobs, and lives. Imagine being a child whose mother just lost their house and now they have to live outside while being educated virtually, children are developing anxiety. Businesses are closing, families are losing money, people are dying, COVID-19 continued spreading.

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